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Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Quick Clean is an efficient robotic pool cleaner that will do all the hard work for you so you spend more time cooling off in the pool and less time laboring over keeping it clean. It is engineered with smart technology that enables it to calculate the most efficient cleaning pattern depending on the dimensions of the pool and its filtration needs.

Features At A Glance
• Weighs 42 lbs
• Designed to clean floors, lower steps and walls up to the waterline of in-ground pools up to 20 ft x 40 ft
• Cleans vinyl, fiberglass and granite pool surfaces
• Comes with a 55 ft power cord
• ABS plastic construction provides excellent toughness and durability as well as high resistance to wide range of temperatures
• 24-volt motor uses less energy for each cleaning cycle
• Filtration rate is 75 gallons per minute
• Filters up to 5 microns
• Operates independently from the pool’s filtration system reducing the frequency of filter backwash cycles
• Patented easy-to-clean cartridge filters
• Automatic shut off


  • Plug and play
  • Tough and durable
  • Excellent cleaning action
  • Advanced programming option
  • No connections to pool system


  • Heavy
  • Caddy not included
  • Occasionally leaks dirt

A Look At The 3 Variants Of The Hayward Tigershark QC

If you are considering buying the Hayward TigerShark QC, you will have three models to choose from – the TigerShark Standard, the TigerShark QC and the TigerShark Plus. All three models are powered by the same technology and they all have the standard features mentioned above. However, each of them has one hallmark feature that sets it apart from the other two.

TigerShark RC9990GR Standard – This is the original model. It does not have the more advanced features of its successors but it is the cheapest of the three and is a good choice for anyone looking for a basic but efficient pool cleaner. The default cleaning cycle for the standard model is 4 hours, after which it will automatically shut down.

TigerShark RC9990GR QC – The TigerShark QC offers users a quick clean option, which is really convenient for those times when your pool isn’t too dirty but you’d like to do a quick cleaning job before you get in. The Quick Clean Technology is the default setting in this model so when you lower the device into the water, it will do a quick 90-minute cleaning cycle before automatically shutting down. For those times when you want the unit to do a more thorough cleaning, you simply press the ‘Full Cycle’ button before lowering it into the pool. The TigerShark QC costs a little more than its predecessor, the standard model.

TigerShark RC9990GR Plus – The TigerShark RC9990GR Plus has all of the features of the QC with one additional feature that sets it apart – a wireless remote. Having a remote gives you complete control over the pool cleaner and because it is wireless you don’t even have to get off from your pool chair. You can control the unit from a distance. How does having a remote control help? If the device gets stuck over a raised drain cover, you can redirect it so it can keep going, or if it misses an area during the clean cycle, you can navigate it back to the spot that needs additional cleaning. The TigerShark Plus is the most expensive of the three models.

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All three TigerShark variations are completely plug-and-play. You simply plug it in, lower it into the water and let it do its thing. When submerged in the water, the unit will assess the pool’s shape and dimension as well as it filtration requirements to determine the most efficient way to clean it.

Powerful on-board pumps scour the floor, walls and steps of the pool and do a great job of sucking up dirt and debris. This is one of very few robotic pool cleaners that are capable of climbing and cleaning the stairs too.

Some users have expressed their disappointment at seeing the unit only climbs one or two stairs and can go no further. But that is to be expected. The unit is designed to work when submerged in water. As it starts to climb the stairs and get out from under the water its efficiency decreases.


• Plug-and-play system so there is no laborious pre-installation
• Tough and durable ABS plastic construction
• Excellent cleaning action provided by powerful on-board pumps that suck up dirt and debris
• Options for quick clean or remote control
• No connections to pool system
• Removing, cleaning and replacing filter cartridges is quick and easy – no messing around with filter bags
• Easy access to debris chamber
• Advanced programming options
• High porosity filtering elements


• At 42 lbs, it is heavier than most other robotic pool cleaners, which can make it cumbersome to carry around for someone who is slightly built
• A caddy is necessary for carrying around the additional weight but you will need to buy this separately, which adds on to the final cost
• The filter cartridge needs to be removed and cleaned after every use or it can hampers the efficiency
• A small amount of dirt tends to leak out when taking the TigerShark out of the water

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What Others Are Saying

While most users agree that this model is definitely robust and does a great job of cleaning the pool, some find that the additional weight makes it difficult to use. Having to pay extra for the caddy is something users are not pleased about especially since they are already paying a premium price for this pool cleaner.

Is The TigerShark For You?

This is an excellent robotic pool cleaner if you are willing to pay the additional price for a sturdy workhorse that will clean your pool efficiently and on its own. You do need to keep in mind that this unit is heavy so you need to make sure that there is someone who can handle the additional weight.

The TigerShark RC9990GR Plus allows you to have as much or as little control over the cleaning cycle but that luxury comes at a price. If you are on a budget or you just prefer the hands-off approach the Standard and Quick Clean models may be better options and they work just as well too.

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8 thoughts on “Hayward TigerShark”

  1. Does the job. Worth paying a bit extra to get the Plus with remote control. Saves pulling it out the water because it weighs a ton.

  2. So far so good. Climbs the wall and cleans up to the waterline. Seems to take a while to learn the pool layout. It’s very easy to operate. Literally just one button. Bit heavy to take out the pool.

  3. The price made my eyes water a little bit but we figured the long term investment would pay off. Previously got a cheaper version and had nothing but problems with it. This is a nice piece of kit which works reliably and does an impressive clean.

  4. Would you mind if I shoot you an email? We’re thinking about buying this model but have a few outstanding questions.
    Many thanks!

  5. Your review persuaded us to go ahead and buy the Tigershark. We were a bit nervous about it because of the mixed reviews elsewhere. We’ve only had it 4 weeks but so far she is saving us a ton of time. I’ll report back if any problems develop!
    I read a few other people saying they received a dud pool cleaner, and had to send it back for a refund. I guess you only usually hear from the squeaky wheels who have problems. The happy customers tend to stay quiet.

    • The RC9950CUB doesn’t have the 90 minute quick clean function. Also, it only has a 1 year warranty whereas the RC9990CUB comes with a 3 year warranty.

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